George Lang Values

George Lang ValuesAmerica is the greatest place on Earth.  It is the land of freedom and opportunity.

These statements are at the core of George Lang’s essence.  George is the Hispanic son of immigrants who sought the promise of America.  From humble beginnings, George Lang has become a successful business owner.

As a loving father and husband, families matter to George.  And George believes that opportunity is the most important ingredient in the success of entrepreneurs, businesses, and those seeking upward mobility.  And opportunity leads to great communities and families.

America is known as the “Land of Opportunity”, and George Lang has lived that ideal.  As the son of Cuban immigrants who grew up in a foster home, George Lang embraced the opportunity that brought his family to the United States.

As an elected leader in our community, and at the state level, George Lang believes in keeping government out of the way of freedom, opportunity and innovation.  He works tirelessly to make Ohio friendly to businesses, jobs and families.