40. Ohio

  • 5 yr. GDP annual growth rate: +1.3% (22nd smallest increase)
  • 2017 GDP: $561.8 billion (7th largest)
  • June 2018 Unemployment: 4.5% (tied — 9th highest)
  • 5 yr. annual employment growth: +1.0% (23rd smallest increase)

Along with states like Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois, Ohio is one of several Midwestern states to have felt the decline of American manufacturing the most. While conditions have improved in some parts of the Rust Belt, unemployment remains relatively high in most of these states, including Ohio. The state’s unemployment rate as of June of 4.5% was tied with two other states — including Michigan for ninth worst in the country. Further evidence of the state’s ongoing economic difficulties, Ohio’s employment and GDP annual average growth rates were below the comparable national average over the last half decade.

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