As your State Representative in Columbus, I have formed the

Business First, Small Business Caucus


In 1970, Ohio had 24 Congressman.  In 1972, Ohio instituted the income tax, not just on individuals but also on the profits of corporations.  Since then our business climate has gotten steadily worse.  Today we have 16 Congressmen and are going to 15, maybe 14. The key is to put Business First and attract employers to Ohio.

George Lang Business First% of total

Year       # of Congressmen           United States    Index vs 1970


1970                       24                           5.5                          100%

2018                       16                           3.6                          65%

2020*                    15                           3.4                          62%

2020*                    14                           3.2                          58%


Based on a January 3rd, 2018 USA Today article, Ohio is the 7th most left state in the nation.

People/businesses are leaving for better opportunity.


Ohio Per Capita Income

Year                                       Compared to the National Average

1911                                       +9.7%

1944                                       +10.00%

1971                                       -0.4%

2010                                       -9.4%


It wasn’t always that way…Ohio was the land of opportunity.

1)  We were the land of flight

2)  We were the land of manufacturing

3)  We were the land of Presidents (1803 – 1923 8 Presidents were born in or lived in Ohio)

4)  We were the land of economic power


Tax Reform/Simplification

Preservation of the business investor deduction

Reduce corporate tax burden

Municipal Net Profit Tax Reform – Allow businesses to opt-in to a centralized filing system through the OBG


Regulatory Reform – Cost of doing business in Ohio

Reduce Regulations in Ohio by 30%

Unemployment compensation reform

Workers’ compensation reform

House Bill 450 (HealthCare Reform)

No new state-imposed health insurance mandates

House Bill 2

Buy Ohio


Smaller Government

Tie Budget to a % of state GDP

Make Ohio Legislatures part-time


Workforce Development

Workplace Freedom

Streamline existing workforce development programs under one single state agency

Establish a partnership between secondary educational institutions and the business community to shape curriculum and training that allows graduates to be prepared to immediately enter the workforce



Identify and recruit members (4/30/18)

Hold Organizational Meeting (5/31/18)

Elect Chairmen

Finalize Mission Statement

Set Calendar for the rest of the year

Prioritize legislative initiatives (6/1/18 – 12/31/18)

Have at least 10 (???) Bills ready to introduce by January of 2019

This caucus will be made up of individuals who have the courage, skill and commitment to truly fix Ohio!  All members will have a direct or a family to Ohio business.

The Business First/Small Business Caucus is an informal working group authorized by the House Leadership.  Like stated in its’ mission statement, the Business First Caucus will be an influential voice and advocate for businesses and entrepreneurs as it works to improve the business environment in the State of Ohio.

The Business First Small Business Caucus will focus on advancing policies and initiatives that encourage business growth and entrepreneurship.  The strength, vision and effectiveness of the Caucus will be powered by the members and supporters of the Caucus.  The vast network of supporters, including entrepreneurs and business owners, state and local business organizations, corporate partners and associations (NFIB, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Ohio Manufacturers Association, Ohio Insurance Institute, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, Ohio Council of Retail Merchants etc.) will work with the Caucus to strengthen the environment for all businesses in Ohio.  The primary goal of the Caucus will be to pass legislation make Ohio the most business friendly state in the nation!



In 2017, there were 939,317 small businesses in Ohio employing over 2,100,000 workers.

60% of all businesses in Ohio have 20 or less employees.

For every $100 spent at locally owned businesses, $68 stays in the state, compared to $43 spent at a national chain.

Family businesses account for 50% of America’s GDP.

This is one of my core issues


We believe a State cannot thrive without a strong business presence.  We exist to promote, advance and protect business interests and entrepreneurship by eliminating barriers for expansion and job creation.  Our mission is to make Ohio the most prosperous state in the nation by making Ohio the most business friendly state in America, to inspire companies to do great things in our state and to financially dominate the other states.


The Business First Small Business Caucus plans to be at the center of major tax and regulatory reform and to promote ideas and legislation that impacts business in a positive way.  The Caucus committee members and other elected officials know that businesses are the engines that drive our economy.  Many committee members are from family-owned businesses, start-ups or are business owners.


The Caucus will develop and promote an annual strategic plan of business friendly agenda items and talking points that will be used by elected officials to promote and testify before committees and advance legislation through various elected bodies of both the House and Senate.


IDEAS – Initially, the group will focus on four categories:


1)       Tax Reform/Simplification

2)      Regulatory Reform – Cost of doing business in Ohio

3)      Smaller Government

4)      Workforce Development


George Lang 52nd District State Rep

52nd District State Representative George Lang