Where I Stand on Supporting Business

“I’m working to make Ohio the most Business-Friendly State in The Union”

George Lang.


Better jobs and higher employment for Ohioans is directly tied to how we attract businesses to our great state.

“Business First” is the Corner Stone of my efforts to make Ohio the most business-friendly state in the Union.   During my many years as Trustee of West Chester Twp., we have proven that if you pave the way for businesses to grow and prosper by eliminating unnecessary regulations and restrictions and create an environment that attracts business – businesses will come and along with those businesses come new jobs and new people that help drive housing starts, broadens the tax base and supports the local economy – It’s a formula that lifts the prosperity of the entire community.  Today, my home town of West Chester is the envy of the state because we’ve developed a sustainable community development formula that we can scale-up to benefit our entire state.

As your State Representative in Columbus, I have formed a “Business First Caucus” for Small Business which plans to be the centerpiece of major tax and regulatory reform and which promotes ideas and legislation that positively impacts business – This caucus puts us on the path to growing state-wide prosperity.

Why Focus on Small Business –

·         In 2017 there were 939,317 small business in Ohio employing over 2,100,000 workers.

·         60% of all business in Ohio have 20 or less employees

·         For every $100 spent at locally owned businesses, $68 of those dollars stays in the state vs only $43 spent at a national chain.

·         Family businesses account for 50% of America GDP

With the above statistics, I chose to focus on Small Business first because we will get the Biggest Bang for the buck.


“As a business owner myself, I am committed to working every day as your State Representative, to reduce restrictions and regulations that stifles small business growth.  Small Businesses are the backbone of our economy and we want to help them prosper while attracting new ones to our great state!”